Software Engineer • Web Developer • Decent Bowler


Hi! I'm Ian, a student at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo for software engineering.
I have also taken the bowling class at Cal Poly 8 times now. I am expecting them to finally cave and give me the minor I so rightfully deserve.
Current Bowling Personal Best: 224

I have specialized in computer graphics and hope one day to make a career out of my appreciation of computer generated art with computer science.

Growing up I loved Pixar films to no end (and still do) so in high school I briefly taught myself the open source modelling software Blender, hoping that it might lead somewhere career-wise.

Working on my skills off and on I was able to play around with the medium but never really became competent enough to create anything on my own. This example here was only made by following a tutorial on CG Cookie.

Rather than applying to film or art school, I took the more practical route and applied to schools for electrical engineering. During my first your I switched majors to software engineering where I remain.

Still taking an interest in graphics, I took computerized graphics courses that taught OpenGL with C++ to create real-time graphical applications.

With internships and as well as my own side projects, I have built web pages from a variety of formats and purposes ranging from just HTML to ASP.NET.

The goal of this website is to show off some of my work and make it easy to contact me. Any games I make I will put up here and hopefully I will update everything frequently.